Classes and Workshops

I started the year with high hopes of doing Success Team Workshops based on the works of Barbara Sher.  One large gathering in January and one small one in October, were pleasant, but didnít produce an actual team.  Things that did happen, while I was making other plans, included teaching improv workshops and camcorder classes in October and November.

The Improbable Improvisational Ensemble went on an unplanned hiatus in 1999.   In June, Larry Pitts and I edited archival footage of the groups early days at the Iron Door Comedy Cabaret into a 30-minute program called I2E=The Improbable Improvisational Ensemble for Foothills Community Access Television (FCAT).     With new blood from the workshops and diehard performers from the past, the improv outlook for the year 2000 is bright.  I am exceeding grateful for those who offered the group support through the years.

The camcorder classes came about when FCATís former Executive Director, Eric Tomb, asked me to help out.  It was a great experience and I look forward to seeing exciting new cable programming from my students.  

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