Carolyn's Gallery of Digital Dreams

New Mexico

This is my "Gallery of Digital Dreams". Elements of these images come from my dreams which are extremely colorful, vivid and just plain strange. I often feel like I've visited other worlds in my sleep. (Hey! It could happen!) This gallery was created exclusively in "Paint". I know I've just struck the tip of the iceberg in terms of using this technology to its fullest potential, but I'm learning more and more with each piece. Computer art is extremely washing brushes, no stained clothing, no spilled paint! I will be updating the gallery on a regular basis... I would appreciate it if any other "digital artists" would share some of their favorite techniques in "Paint" with me, and/or recommend other user-friendly art programs. Thanks for visiting the Gallery!
All artwork is copyrighted by the artist. Use without her permission could be damaging to your bank account. Please respect the rights of all artists on the Internet.

Jazz is...

Wierd Design


Ren and Stimpy Cubed

Earthy Fragments

Calder in the Sky


Dream Architecture-Color

Dark Stream

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