Grape Car Once again, Dan McIlhenny and I were DJs for the Spring Breakout and Mountain Classic Car Shows at Kmart Shopping Center in Grass Valley.  During the Mountain Classic show The Dan and Mike Show introduced our new entertainment option, video karaoke.

Dan had a great year career-wise. Joining forces with Jill Harcke,  he co-produced the John Muir Tribute album featuring two original compositions.  One of the cuts “High Sierra”, I produced a couple years back for Sierra Video System’s exhibit at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention.  Click the album to hear "High Sierra" on your Real Player or Real Jukebox.

Tribute Album

A weekend isn’t complete these days, without an ICQ chat with my old friend, Gordon Lester.  Gordon is currently holding down two jobs, which keeps him pretty busy.   He is a web site designer by day and an English Professor by night.  Gordon’s fine web work has been an inspiration for me to develop my own Front Page site.

Bill & Linda

So many people have helped through all the moves, but Bill Lewis and Linda Stanley deserve medals for their kindness and willingness to lend a hand, time and time again.  

Alisa Alisa Austin gets the award for neighborliness and goes to the top of the AOL Buddy List.

Larry Pitts has spent most of the year growing his book business, Browsers Books and Rex Duarte has been beefing up his computer skills and working on new business opportunities.  Larry and Rex were big help with my improv classes in October and November.  Their team spirit was a great influence on the students.   Larry & Rex

My friend, Dan Levinson continues to tour and record.   This year he recorded Rhapsody In Blue with The New York Ragtime Orchestra.  I haven’t seen Dan in awhile, but we try to keep in touch by phone.  He hasn’t embraced the Internet, yet, but he has found a use for computers.  An avid record collector, Dan gets together with other record collectors to “Toast” musical artists of the past.  The objective of a “Toast” is to bring together in one location the recorded works of an individual artist, vocal group or band, digitize them, then “burn” a set of definitive CDs.   The discs are for private use only and not for commercial release.  Dan sent me a definitive collection of the Boswell Sisters.  They have been a favorite of mine since Kate Kane introduced me to their music many years ago.

Marlene and Lilah

During a recent trip to LA, Cari had a chance to visit with her old friend Jodi. Marlene and Lilah had fun doing brunch at Jerry's Famous Deli.

Mothers and Daughters

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