Jobs and Education

Nineteen Ninety-Nine began with me working as an Administrative Assistant for Michael Stone and The Mastery of Management Institute that segued into a two-week stint with Abercrombie and Company, a great place to buy a wood stove.  This was followed by several months at Tektronix as it was transitioning back into Grass Valley Group.   During that time, it was my pleasure to work for Operations Director, Sophia Meyer.  

As the year came to a close, I found myself answering phones at Evergreen Teller Services, an ATM company.  The pleasant staff and management at Evergreen did their best to make me feel at home during the holiday season.  In the middle of January 2000, they decided to offer me regular employment.  The position was short lived.  I moved on to yet another string of temporary positions at New Star Lasers, Accom and Grant Joint Union School DistrictI usually “temp” for Adecco and Manpower.

Cari has returned to doing nails as Carolyn the Nail Goddess.  In honor of one of her favorite British TV shows, Absolutely Fabulous, she calls her business Absolutely Fabulous Nails.  She is currently offering her services at Kathy’s New Identities, 147 ˝ Mill Street, in Grass Valley. Cari has taken on a few part-time, short-term temp jobs since her return to Grass Valley.  For awhile, she was temping part time at Cornerstone Realty in Nevada City.

Marlene entered the seventh grade this year and is doing very well. Her favorite subjects are Social Studies, Choir, Writing and Literature.  In January, she went to the MacWorld Convention in San Francisco. She is looking forward to going back to San Francisco in March with the Lyman Gilmore Choir.  After several years as a spectator, she finally got to be in the Joe Cain Parade, Nevada City's answer to New Orlean's Madi Gra.

Marlene at Grandma's HouseChoir Girl

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