Radio In the late 70ís, I began doing radio broadcasts using the name Mike Magic.  When I started doing yearly newsletters in 1980, I decided to call the publication Magic Times. Over the years, Magic Times has taken many forms.  This online version is your gateway to the Maginot Family and our many talented friends.  Add it to your list of favorites and come back often.
Nineteen Ninety-Nine was a year of radical upheaval.  Cari returned to Grass Valley after living and working in LA for over six months. Much of 1999 was spent playing catch up and paying debts incurred during the previous year. Cari and Mike 
house.jpg (37929 bytes) Fay We moved twice in 1999, first to a dreary old house hidden away on a cul de sac.  Then, with the help of Cariís mom, Fay Brown, we moved into a beautiful restored Victorian on Bennett Street in Grass Valley.

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