Nouveau Blog

Over the years, Magic Times has revealed itself on an irregular basis. Chameleon like it has morphed from a printed newsletter/zine to an email, from a social media post to an actual website, from a CD to a DVD.


What is it now? Answer: A short blog post on a new website that I started building this week that will eventually replace my old dot com Frankensite. The dramatis personae, as usual, are my family and friends.  Books, movies, music, art and the theatre will also play a part.


I have always kept a long list of personal goals and projects. I suppose the list is long because I have so many interests. While others find long “to do” lists daunting, for me, they offer an opportunity to switch gears based on the resources at hand.


The hardest part of any new project is getting started. After that, I try to stay on course, oscillating between a forward focus and distraction. Shifting gears, I’ve learned, can stimulate insights and epiphanies. Plus a little recreation can open the mind to new ideas, crush obstacles, and offer solutions that are hard to come by when you abide the straight and narrow path.


At sixty-one, I have had my fair share of unfinished business. If I let regrets get the better of me, I would be clinically depressed. That sort of diagnosis doesn’t exactly make your dreams come true. Avoiding the talking cure, I have once again turned to the writing cure.


Travels around the block are as valuable as a trip around the world. Amazing things can happen while walking the dog. There are so many sights to see.


Click around. Check out some photos. More content to come.